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Some Myths and Facts about Single Russian Women

Single Russian women are special in their own unique way. They are known for attractive appearance with long legs, beautiful eyes and blonde hair. This is what we all believe. Furthermore, Russian brides are considered as a perfect marriage material by all men around the world. But there are many myths also associated with single Russian women which we are going to discuss in the following paragraphs.

• To begin with, as we all have experienced and believed by watching in the internet or TV that all Russian women are beautiful and stylish than any other women in the world. Something similar is advertised by marriage agencies in the internet in order to receive money from lonely men. But there is a lot more behind this. The women advertised by the agencies are a few selected models from thousands of applicants. And the other fact is most of Russian women after crossing 30 years old likely to gain weight. So you see all that glitters is not actually gold.

• The second myth about single Russian females is that they always dream to be a good housewife and not concerned about their careers. The myth further includes that single Russian girls are shy and dependant which is not at all true. Whether a Russian woman wants to work or not depends on their economic situation along with their own and family interest in career making. It is not that they do not wish to make their career but the struggle they go through due to male domination makes them weak. Only a few of them have guts to fight the society. But those who chose to be career oriented look after their family as well.

• It is always believed that all married or single Russian women are bound to follow family values and they appreciate that too. Also they are sacrificing by nature which attracts western men to search for a single Russian woman. This is not true at all. Every person is not the same in nature and so are Russian brides. It depends on family’s economic condition how they behave and manage things. About being sacrificing, Russian women are pretty confident and strong by nature but unlike western ladies they do not always boss around in the house so they are easy to handle.

• This is a sheer myth that all single Russian ladies aspire for western men for a husband and they do not like Russian men at all. In fact Russian life style is full of adventures and therefore it is not that women in Russia only look for western husbands. Russian men are also interesting and nice, but family traditions and values they have are disturbing. This inspires educated Russian women to look for a better family man abroad.

• Another myth about Russian females is they make life resemble a paradise on earth. It is said that they are always after a passport. And once they get that, Russian women will take no time to give divorce to their husbands. This is not true. It is like what you expect you need to give first. To expect a good partner you need to be one first. Women in Russia always look for honest and trustworthy life partner whether in Russia or abroad who readily love and respect them.

The only truth about Russian women is that a real Russian woman can make a good wife in any case provided that her husband is also good. There are so many myths about single Russian women that turned them in a famous brand popular among western men.

Author: Michael Belch (www.amazines.com)

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