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Marriage in Russia

Imagine you have been dating russian women and got into serious relationship with one. You may simply decide that you want your russian woman to be your future wife. Then it is time to take the next step.
There are two choices marry your russian woman. Bring your russian bride to your country in order to marry her there, or you may marry each other in Russia.

Introduction to Marriage in Russia

Mutual willingness of marriage with your russian women is of course most important. Then it comes to the documents. Supprisingly enough the russian bureaucracy don't need them. The native country of the western foreign husband needs them.
In cases where two russian persons enter marriage in Russia, they need to visit any ZAGS office. A ZAGS is an organization registering births, marriages and deaths in Russia. The two russian persons provides their passports, where they have a registration (propiska). They fill in an application form and recieve a date for their marriage. The date of marriage is booked after a 30 days waiting period.
When dating your russian woman you enter the ZAGS as a foreigner. This requires additional documents that you will recieve from your native countrys embassy. In general it will be neccessary to stay in russia for at least 2 months in order to get all documents fixed for the marriage. Alternativley you need to come back to Russia twice for a two weeks stay. Be prepared to go through at least six organizations and spend about 12 hours waiting in queues.
The following is an overview of what kind of document needed to enter marriage in Russia, both for your russian woman and you, as a western man.

Marriage documents needed for russian women

- Russian Passport. Russian women needs russian passport with a permanent registration (prospika) at the place of marriage (f.ex. Moscow)
- Certificate of Birth. In order to get Certificate of No Impediment, russian women must bring her Certificate of Birth and get it translated with a notarial proof in a translation agency.
- Testemony. Russian women must bring a testimony for marriage and get it translatet with a notarial proof by a translation agency.
- Document Appostiles. Translated and notary prooved copies of the Birth Certificate and Testemony must be appostiled. This is done by the Russian Ministery of Justice.

Marriage documents needed for western men

- Russian Visa. In order to stay in Russia during the marriage preparation and to fix all documents, you need a russian visa. This can be any kind of visa - tourism, business, private or student.
- Western Passport. The first page of the western passport, where the personal information is, must be translated into russian with a notarial proof (stamped and signed). If translated by the native western embassy it is valid only if stamped and signed by the consule. Translation with notarial proof through a translation office will cost about $15 and take two working days.
- Certificate of No Impediment. This document describes your actual marriage status. It can be obtained through your countrys native embassy or by local authorities.
- If you have been married before, you need another paper form. Contact your embassy for more information

Due to russian laws the marriage schould take place 32 - 60 days after the application form is handled to ZAGS (Zapis Aktov Gragdanskogo Sostoyaniya, - Civil Registry Office). A ZAGS official person / inspector will book a date for the wedding. The 32 waiting period can be shortened in case of emergency only.
At the day of marriage you and your russian wife will be given a Goverment Wedding Certificate. You will also be given an adress for a governemnt office; the certificate needs an appostile stamp in order to give it international validity. This is the proof of the marriage in the western mans country.

This information is a result of careful research on the topic of marriage in Russia. Great care has been taken to keep this information as updated as possable. We do not take any responsability or liability if this information is old or inaccurate. In any case we recomend that you contact your nearest embassy to get updates and the latest information.

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